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Zone 1 - Lost & Found

If you have lost your way and donโ€™t know which course to take, find it here!

If you want to know more about which career your chosen subject will lead you to, what life skills you will gain, how the subject will develop your character and what you research next, then these lessons will undoubtedly help you to discover the possibilities of where these subjects could take you in your future. It will help you to confirm your subject choices.

Click the header image for the subjects of interest to you.

PiXL Futures Art Year 12 Logoย PiXL Futures Business Studies Year 12 1ย 

ย PiXL Futures Computer Science Year 12 1ย PiXL Futures Design and Technology Year 12 1

PiXL Futures Drama Year 12 1ย PiXL Futures English Year 12 1

PiXL Futures Geography Year 12 1ย PiXL Futures Government and Politics Year 12

ย PiXL Futures History Year 12 1ย PiXL Futures Maths Year 12 1

PiXL Futures Media Studies Year 12 1ย PiXL Futures MFL French Year 12 1

PiXL Futures MFL German Year 12 1ย PiXL Futures Music Year 12 2

PiXL Futures PE Year 12 3ย PiXL Futures Pyschology Year 12 2 3

ย PiXL Futures Science Year 12 2ย PiXL Futures Sociology Year 12 2

ย PiXL Futures Vocational Year 12ย 



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