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Teachers will be setting work for each teaching group on Show My Homework, intended to provide a reasonable curriculum. All work will be set for online submission, with students saving work and using the Submit Work feature on SMHW.

Curriculum Map 



Y12 Content 

Y12 Key Assessment 

Y13 Content 

Y13 Key Assessment 

Autumn 1 

Core Studies and Experiments 

Formative Task: 

Completion of own experimental investigation  


Summative Unit Test on experimental techniques and Social Approach  

Mental Health and Approaches 

Formative Task: Assessed Essay on Medical Model 


Summative Unit Assessment on Mental Health 

Autumn 2 

Core studies and descriptive statistics 

Formative Task: 

Descriptive statistics analysis task 


Summative Unit  

Test on descriptive statistics and the cognitive approach 

Criminal Psychology 

Formative Task: 

Assessed essay on criminal psychology 


Summative Unit Mock exam 1 – Research Methods 

Spring 1 

Core studies and Observations 

Formative Task: 

Conduct own observational investigation 


Summative Unit Test on observational techniques and Mock exam 1   

Criminal Psychology/ Child Psychology 

Formative Task: 

Assessed essay on child psychology 


Summative Unit Criminal Psychology end of unit assessment  

Spring 2 

Core studies and Self reports 

Formative Task: Conduct own self report investigation 


Summative Unit Test on self report techniques and developmental studies   

Child Psychology 

Formative Task: 

Assessed essay on attachments 


Summative Unit  

Mock exam 2 – Psychological Themes 

Summer 1 

Core studies and Correlations 

Formative Task: conduct own correlational investigation 


Summative Unit Test on  individual differences approach and correlational techniques  


Methodological issues  

Formative Task: PALS tasks 


Summative Unit Mock exam 3 – Applied Psychology 

Summer 2 

Inferential Statistics and Approaches 

Formative Task: Inferential Statistics task 


Summative Unit  Mock exam 2  







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