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Pastoral Care

'Many parents described the highly effective care and support the school provides to their children and families' Ofsted January 2018

At Barnwell, we pride ourselves on the quality of pastoral care we provide for our students. A student’s happiness and well-being are recognised as the foundation for their success and at Barnwell we believe that every child matters. Effective pastoral care, therefore, underpins school life and our large and experienced Pastoral Team is designed to ensure that all pupils can thrive.

The two-site approach provides outstanding nurturing and support for students in each year group. We organise our system of pastoral care differently on each campus to ensure students have the right level of individual support throughout their 7-year journey at Barnwell. Each student has a form tutor who is responsible for monitoring the welfare and progress of the group of children in his/her form. The work of the form tutors is coordinated by a team of Heads of College/Year, supported by members of the Senior Leadership Team.

The Heads of College/Year will help new students entering the school, at any time in the year to be welcomed into appropriate social and academic groups. As well as encouraging students to do their best within lessons, the form tutor and Head of College/Year monitor students’ progress, personal development and wellbeing, and encourage the involvement in extra-curricular activities.

Key Stage 3 - Middle Campus

In Key Stage 3, students are placed in one of our three colleges:

Each college has a:

Why the College System?

Benefits to the Student

The Heads of College are:

 Miss Cowling

Head of Redgrave

Miss L Cowling

Redgrave College is named after an outstanding British Olympian, Sir Steve Redgrave. Having originally set out to win 3 gold medals, Sir Steve won 5 gold medals in 5 consecutive Olympic Games between 1984 and 2000. Since retiring from competitive sport, Sir Steve has established the Steve Redgrave fund which has exceeded its original £5 million target. Sir Steve played a major part in the London 2012 Olympic bid as well as promoting Britain around the world.


Head of Hoy

Miss S Clark 

Hoy College is named after Sir Chris Hoy, who at the London 2012 Games became Britain’s greatest Olympian. Sir Chris is an eleven-time World Champion and a six-time Olympic Champion in track cycling. His total of 6 gold medals and 1 silver medal has made Sir Chris the most successful British Olympian of all time. Hoy led Team GB out as the team’s flag carrier at the London 2012 opening ceremony. 


Head of Ennis

Mr R Partridge

Ennis College is named after Jessica Ennis-Hill who became the greatest, all-round female athlete in the world at the London 2012 Olympic Games. Jessica Ennis-Hill is a British track and field athlete specialising in multiple-event disciplines and the 100 metres hurdles. She is the current Olympic heptathlon champion. She is also the former European and world heptathlon champion. Jessica was the world’s number 1 ranked heptathlete over for over 4 years. She is the current British record holder for the heptathlon, indoor pentathlon, high jump and 100 metres hurdles.


Key Stage 4 - Upper Campus

In Key Stage 4, students are supported within year groups by a:

Welcome to Year 10 and 11


Head of Year 10

Mr R Cozens

Head of Year 11

Mrs V Jenkins

These are vital years for students as we prepare for GCSEs, the results of which will set you up for your journey into further education and chosen career paths. 

High attendance and a positive work ethic during this year are the essential ingredients needed to ensure progress towards and beyond the individual target grades set for each student. 

The different nature of qualifications studied in year 10 and 11 means that you must start maintain a first-class work ethic. This is because you will be studying units/topics of work that will be completed and submitted to the examination board before the end of the year. 

Any lessons missed will impact on the progress made and it is vital that any missed learning is caught up on at home to ensure there are no gaps in students learning. All of the work through year 10 and into year 11 will have a huge impact on the overall result achieved at the end of the KS4 courses in the summer examinations.

You are expected to take on the challenge of your own learning and need to balance your work/life demands effectively. Completion of Home Learning has a direct impact on the progress you will make within your lessons.

Now is the time to dig deep and apply those characteristics we instil at Barnwell.

We will be on hand to offer support and guidance to all of you, and your link tutors are available to you daily should you have any worries. Make sure you use this support as soon as you feel you are struggling; that is what we are here for; you are not alone.



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