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Therapy Dog

We are fortunate enough to have a special member of staff at Barnwell, our school dog Lacey. She is an 18-month old Cockapoo, who is undertaking her training to become a Hertfordshire Taking the Lead Therapy Dog. Lacey is in school to assist with her training while helping her to become accustomed to her working environment.

Once fully trained, Lacey will work with small groups of students as part of our planned programme of interventions and to support those with social and emotional needs. There is an increasing body of evidence that shows what a positive impact therapy dogs can have in supporting children with their learning, as well as helping in ways that are more therapeutic.

Lacey is a family pet, she is fully vaccinated, regularly groomed, insured, and has annual Vet checks. We have undertaken a full risk assessment and written a policy to support this work, both of which can be made available on request.

We recognise that some people may have an allergy to or a fear of dogs. If this is the case, please complete the form using this link so we can ensure measures can be taken to avoid contact. Please be assured Lacey is hypoallergenic as she does not shed her fur which will help to minimize any issues with allergies.


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