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Welcome to Barnwell School

“Just a message to say thank you to all staff for an amazing start to online learning. I work in early years so am out working currently most of the week but today was home and could see both of our children sat engaged in their online lessons with the teachers. And the teachers providing great lessons. I know they have all worked above and beyond to get this all set up in the extremely short notice the government gave.

So once again Thank you to all the staff you are all amazing.”

(Parent, February 2021)

It is always fantastic to read such warm feedback from the Barnwell community! Feedback on our live learning and support during lockdown may be emailed to

Should you wish to thank a member of staff directly, please use this link.

Thank you.

Achieving Excellence Together

At Barnwell we believe that all students should strive to fulfil both their academic and personal potential. We recognise that by setting ambitious academic targets and encouraging all students to become fully immersed in the student experience and the rich extra-curricular life of the school we can all achieve excellence together.

We care passionately about your child’s character, their personality and social skills, the way they treat others and the contribution they will make to society. We actively promote a culture where students feel safe particularly through a supportive and well-disciplined environment and our inclusive College system. Relationships between staff and students at Barnwell are exceptionally strong and this ethos is built on trust and confidence.

From experience we know that students learn, progress and achieve differently. As a truly comprehensive school we aim to ensure that the education we provide is aimed and adapted to individual needs. We provide a broad curriculum to ensure students achieve individual success in their journey from Year 7 through to our vibrant Sixth Form.

We recognise that it takes a whole community to educate a child, and so we are committed to working in partnership with parents, carers, other organisations and establishments to provide the very best opportunities.

Mr M Roberts

Head of School

Mr A Fitzpatrick

Executive Headteacher

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Our houses consist of Hoy, Redgrave, and Ennis.
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