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Barnwell Teaching & Learning Team

We have a highly experienced and skilled team of Lead Practitioners who constantly lead the development of our learning community. On a weekly basis, they make a much valued contribution to the development of our teaching practice across the school, leading on a number of successful developmental strategies.

Please also visit our Why Barnwell? feature page to read of the opportunities and experiences enjoyed by a number of our current staff, at contrasting stages of their careers.

Pam Pellen:

Formerly an Advanced Skills Teacher for Drama, I am now the Lead Practitioner for Literacy.   My first degree was in English at Southampton.  This was followed by a PGCE in Drama/English from the Institute of Education.

For most of my career, my chief interest has been teaching-in-role.  My dissertation RECONSIDERING ROLE: A reappraisal of the functions, skills and potential of teacher-in-role was published in 2012.

I have taught Drama, English, Media and Humanities in a variety of different contexts throughout London and Hertfordshire.  Since 2002 I have written, devised and directed 20 productions for local and regional performance.   I have also been a trainee teacher mentor and coach.  In 2013, I devised, launched and embedded Barnwell’s 3 Step Literacy Policy. 

Emma Roffe: 

I am a language specialist with particular interests in raising student engagement and active learning. I support continued improvement of practice within my faculty through collaborative planning and coaching. My practice is characterised by a range of differentiation strategies and high student engagement. I am a facilitator for our in-house “Good to Outstanding” programme leading on areas of BFL within lessons.

Marie Hart:

Formerly an Advanced Skills Teacher for whole school teaching and learning and Geography. I am now a Lead Practitioner with responsibility for stretch and challenge and memory enhancing strategies. My first degree was in Physical Geography at Reading University. This was followed by a MSc in Transport Planning and Management. I studied for my PGCE at Reading University

Although I have been teaching for twenty-five years, I have and continue to relish the opportunity to research, embrace and deliver new methods and techniques to both students and staff. Former areas of responsibility include the successful GO coaching programme and the development of creative ICT across the curriculum.

Jayde Bacon:

Previously I was Head of KS3 English here at Barnwell and this year I have taken the role of Lead Practitioner of English, with a whole school focus on marking.

Through my previous position and current one, I continue to support the development of teaching and learning in my department in order to develop the progress of our students in all key stages.

This year, I will be working collaboratively with members of staff across the whole school to share different ways of providing effective feedback to students to maximise progress made and develop our pupils’ abilities to become more reflective and independent learners.

Through being a reflective practitioner and sharing strategies with other staff members, my mission has always been to inspire, motivate and encourage our students to strive for excellence and do their very best.  

Aimee Chambers:

I currently hold the position of Lead Practitioner in English with a focus on Study Skills and Literacy. Despite having only been at Barnwell since April 2018, I am excited about supporting our dedicated staff in continuously looking for ways to refresh and improve our teaching practice to ensure we meet the needs of all of our learners, raise achievement and engage students in our lessons. I am also working closely with our two fabulous librarians to ensure that out Learning Resource Centres are being used to their maximum potential.

I have been teaching for 13 years now; after completing my English Literature degree at University of Westminster I gained my PGCE in Teaching Secondary English. I have taught in three previous schools, all in North London where I am from, including a specialist school for children with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties. Previous positions I have held include KS3 Co-Ordinator, Second in Department and Acting Head of Department in English. Please take a look at our Weekly Parent Bulletin to see what our Word of the Week and Study Skill of the fortnight is!

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