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Futures and Aspirations

Advice for parents on the range of post-18 options. offers school leavers a multitude of opportunities and information regarding their future careers. The site has comprehensive information on every UK University and the courses that they offer. Students can find information about open days and obtain prospectuses as well as narrow their university course searches by location, course type, predicted UCAS points and more, all in one place.  However, the best part of the site is that they haven’t missed anyone out. For students who don’t want to go to university, the site has between 10,000 and 15,000 apprenticeship listings at any one time, as well as advice and information about careers, interview skills and more.

Apprenticeship Opportunities

For those seeking an apprenticeship at the end of this academic year, the following websites are excellent resources:

Employment Opportunities After Sixth Form

If you are considering employment after your A level studies and are interested in careers in Business, in particular Banking, Finance and Insurance, it is suggested that you register on the following website so that you will be kept up to date with all the leading companies opportunities:

For those students who are not applying to university this year, the following website is very useful:

Students may also wish to visit: for information on employment opportunities and details of their nearest Jobcentre branch.

Considering a Gap Year?

The following companies contain useful ideas for gap year opportunities:

We have also received several booklets from the company, ‘Year Out Group’ which  have been placed in the common room.  Please feel free to help yourself or visit their website,

University Options

Students are advised to regularly check individual university websites for the most up-to-date information on courses and entry requirements. The following websites are useful sources of information for students as they progress through the process of researching choices and making an application.

The official universities and colleges admissions website. A massive site to keep coming back to. Students use Apply and Track to make and monitor their online applications.

Guidance from the Russell Group of UK universities aimed at year 11 students making appropriate post-16 subject choices for a wide variety of university courses.
A questionnaire to help identify courses linked to a student’s interests and ability.
This graduate website is also a fantastic resource for sixth form students considering university courses. Start with the options with your subject section to research the type of careers that different degrees can lead on to.
An independent site from Which? to help students make informed choices. You can refine searches by subject, location, interests etc and it includes data on graduate salaries, number of applicants receiving offers and much more.
Includes information on university choices and applications, league tables, student finance and examples of personal statements.
An independent site which demonstrates the links between what people study and their jobs and earnings afterwards.
Independent UK university league tables and advice on university and subject choices.
The official website for comparing higher education and courses.
Provides a quick way to order printed prospectuses or view on-line versions.
A calendar of university open days.
A database of university taster days.
Free online courses from leading UK and international universities.
Information about tuition fees and student finance.
A sixth formers’ guide explaining how student finance works.
The NHS business services authority site includes details of the NHS Student Bursary Scheme which is available to eligible students on some healthcare related degree courses.
Search for UK scholarships, grants or bursaries on this comprehensive database.
Independent guide to UK universities, open days, gap years, student life and finance.
Details of the UK Clinical Aptitude Test for admission to some dental and medical schools.
Details of the national admissions test required by some law schools.

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