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As a school, we have had a system of college points and PRIDE points for a number of years. These have fed into the college competition and individual students have received recognition for their achievements.

In September 2022, we will be launching an enhanced rewards system that will provide more opportunities for us to celebrate student success.

The main platforms we will be using to drive the system are Satchel One and Unifrog.

Our rewards system runs as follows:

College points

These are awarded for:

PRIDE points

These are awarded in and out of lessons for demonstrating our PRIDE traits of:

Online Badges

These are awarded for continual high standards in areas such as attendance, punctuality, effort, achievement, community service, sporting achievement and co-curricular activities.

Badges are available for the following reasons:

The Barnwell Way (TBW) Character Awards

TBW Character Awards have three levels of challenge – Bronze, Silver and Gold. It is designed so that students start on the Bronze Award in year 7, with most completing this by the end of year 8. In years 9 and 10 students will then work towards the Silver Award. Some students will go even further and in years 11 to 13 complete the Gold Award.

To meet the criteria for bronze, silver and gold, students must achieve all 5 of the PRIDE online badges (Passion, Respect, Innovation, Determination and Empathy).

To achieve specific PRIDE badges, students must complete at least 7 challenges in each PRIDE category and be able to provide evidence through submitting a skills and competencies entry onto Unifrog. A video of how to record challenges on Unifrog can be found here.

Tutors will monitor Unifrog weekly and will award the PRIDE badges when the criteria is met.

Student challenges cover all of the areas of school life we expect students to be involved in as they grow with Barnwell:

An example list of student challenges can be found on the school website via this link. Students can recommend challenges to their tutors.

Once a student has achieved all 5 PRIDE badges, they will be recommended to the Headteacher for a Bronze, Silver or Gold Award.

Bronze Example

Summer Show 2019 - Chicago
Jay Peak 2019
Sorrento 2019