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Applied Criminology students at Barnwell school will gain a clear understanding of explanations, policies and procedures surrounding crime. They will develop critical thinking skills and as a result will be able to make judgements on what works best to reduce crime in society The students will become confident at looking at things from a range of viewpoints and using evidence to back up these ideas. Students will also become more informed citizens in relation to the law and legal implications of different behaviours. Finally, it will also help them prepare for further education in terms of wider reading and understanding of society, as well as appreciating that human behaviour has different causes.

Learning Journey

Barnwell School Learning Journey criminology

Applied A Level Criminology



Y12 Content 

Y12 Key Assessment 

Y13 Content 

Y13 Key Assessment 

Autumn 1 

Unit 1: Changing Awareness of crime


Types of crime, reporting crime, representation of crime in the media

Formative Task:  

Practice questions on types of crime


Summative Unit: Controlled assessment practice

Unit 3: Crime scene to Courtroom


The prosecution of suspects

Formative Task:  Courtroom role play


Summative Assessment: Practice controlled assessment   

Autumn 2 

Unit 1: Changing Awareness of crime


Creating campaigns for change

Formative Task: Practice campaign- 


Summative Task: Internal Controlled Assessment Unit 1 (50% year1)   

Unit 3: Crime scene to Courtroom


Reviewing criminal cases

Formative Task:  

Case studies


Summative Assessment: Controlled internal assessment (50% year 2) 

Spring 1 

Unit 2: Criminological Theories 


Criminality and deviance , social construction of crime, Theories of crime

Formative Task: Exam questions assessed together  


Summative Task: Mock exam 1   

Unit 4: Crime and Punishment


Criminal Justice System in England and Wales

Formative Tasks: Overview   


Summative Assessment: Mock exam 1

Spring 2 

Unit 2: Criminological Theories  


Theories of crime, applying to case studies and evaluation.

Formative Assessment: Case study application


Summative Assessment: Mock exam 2   

Unit 4: Crime and Punishment


Understanding the role of punishment in the criminal justice system


Formative Assessment: Punishment essay


Summative Assessment: Mock exam 2  and Dreaming exam questions 

Summer 1 

Unit 2: Criminological Theories  


How theories inform policy and affect change in society

Formative Assessment: Application to policy and practice   


Summative Assessment: External examination Unit 2 (50% Year 1)  

Unit 4: Crime and Punishment

Measures used for social control

Formative Assessment: Case studies   


Summative Assessment: External exam unit 4 (50% year 2)   

Summer 2 

Unit 3: Crime scene to Courtroom


Criminal investigation techniques

Formative Assessment: Exam questions   

Summative Assessment: Practice controlled assessment




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