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Happy 'PE'ople Podcast

Happy 'PE'ople is a new feature for the Barnwell community, brought to us by Mr. Goodman.Β You can listen to stories and general conversation about sport, shared by members of staff at Barnwell.

Guests will share where their love of sport comes from, what motivates them to take part and any inspirational advice that can be shared with our listeners.

Hopefully somewhere along the way, you'll be able to laugh, smile and be inspired whilst leaving at the end feeling 'happy'.

Christmas Episode

Christmas Special

Miss Clark and Mr Goodman return to discuss all things Christmas as they begin preparations for a new series. Bring on 2022!

Episode 17

Episode 17 - I'm Like a Victoria Sponge

Archie and Jess - A great response to the previous episode, so we did it again! This time Miss Clark and Mr Goodman are joined by Archie and Jess, who share their experiences of lockdown, what they're looking forward to for moving into Year 10 and answer some serious (I mean funny) questions, which are bound to make you laugh.

Episode 16

Episode 16 - 5 Years At Barnwell

Mark and Kyle - We're back after a little break and have our first ever student guests join the podcast. Mark and Kyle, who have just finished Year 11, talk to Mr Goodman about their time at Barnwell, share their experiences of lockdown and go head to head in a classic challenge to see what they know about the school.

Episode 15

Episode 15 - Revision Top Tips

Exams have begun for the students so Miss Clark and Mr Goodman sit down to discuss teacher's top tips on revision. Hopefully you may pick up something useful.

Episode 14

Episode 14 - Redemption

*Bonus Episode* - In light of last week's shambles for Challenge Clark, I, Mr Goodman, attempt to redeem myself by taking on Miss Clark in some challenges. We're joined by a special guest and as always, have a good laugh and natter. Have a listen and maybe see how you do in these challenges.

Episode 13

Episode 13 - I found my way eventually

Mrs Allen-Wood - From studying PE at GCSE to then finding a love of dance, one of the newest members of staff at the school shares her experiences with auditions and being able to stay mentally strong in order to find the right career path.

Episode 12

Episode 12 - A trip down memory lane

Mrs Anderson - We're back for Season 3 and joined by Assistant Head Teacher and one of Barnwell's longest serving members of staff as we go back to what PE was like at the school in the 90's. Mrs Anderson also reveals a secret hidden sporting talent before she faces Miss Clark in a revamped 'Challenge Clark'.

Episode 11

Episode 11 - Looking back and moving 'fore'ward

Mr Roberts - We finish series 2 with a bang as we chat to our Head of School. Along with the usual past experiences of PE and sport growing up, we discuss a recent life-changing event and have a laugh with 'Challenge Clark'Β before finishing off with some funny stories. It's a fun one this week.

Episode 10

Episode 10 - Let's dance...and trek!

Miss Ahmed - This week our guest tells us about her experiences of exploring the world and climbing mountains as well as sharing her love of dance. If you want to be inspired to get outdoors or if you just love being outside, this is the episode for you.

*Apologies if the sound quality isn't the best on this episode, we are exploring new ways of recording

Episode 9

Episode 9 - Our very own international footballer

Miss Chambers - An amazing story to listen to this week so this episode is a little longer. We just couldn't believe what our guest shared with us. We discuss some key areas of sport in honour of International Women's Day and have a new feature called 'Archie Asks' and of course 'Challenge Clark' returns.

Episode 8

Episode 8 - Your school had what?

Mr Smith & Mr Murray - This week we look at some extreme sports, which our guests seem to enjoy doing. Who knows why? They give us a little insight into their PE past based in the North East of England before sharing some amazing stories of how they stay active outside of school. It's a bonkers one this week.

Episode 7

Episode 7 - Got your walking boots?

Mrs Walsh - We are back for Series 2 and have added a little French into our chat this week as my new co-host and I grill our guest on what PE was like as a taller teenager and talk about the positives behind walking. We also have Round 1 of 'Challenge Clark'. Enjoy.

Episode 6

Episode 6 - We all love a trier.

Miss Clark and Miss Field. For the final episode this half term, I wanted to have a laugh, so with the help of my guests, we go back in time to share funny memories of PE, discuss 'extreme sports' and the ladies turn the tables to ask me some interesting questions. Hopefully this episode will make you smile.

Episode 5

Episode 5 - 'I thought, why me?'

Episode 5 has been dedicated to help raise awareness of cancer for World Cancer Day, 2021. I'm joined this week by Ash Marshall, an ex-student of Barnwell, who shares his inspirational and moving story about being diagnosed with cancer at just 24 years old. "By 2030, experts project cancer deaths to rise by 13 million. If we don't act." - World Cancer Day Website.

Slide 5

Episode 4 - From Student to Teacher

This week my guest is a former student of Barnwell, who has gone full circle and returned as teacher. We delve a little into what PE was like a few years back at the school as well as motivation around going to the gym and how to make it a positive experience.

Slide 3

Episode 3 - 'Her'story

This week's episode brings you a light-hearted and fantastic conversation about family, sharing others' successes and the mountains.


Episode 2 - Safe Hands

This week I was joined by one of Barnwell's longest serving teachers, who offers his insight into bouncing back from rejection and what traits are key if you want to be successful. Enjoy.


Episode 1 - The Canary

In the very first episode we hear about our guest's choice between following rugby and football from a young age, to preferring individual sports and most recently, running a marathon. We hope you enjoy listening to the inspirational stories shared.




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