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Alumni Association

Dear friend,

Welcome to the Barnwell School Alumni Association pages of the school website.

The school opened in 1959 and since that time has grown from strength to strength. As an ex-Barnwell student we are keen to hear from you and keep in touch with all our ex-students and hope that you will become a member.

As a member you:

This is an exciting opportunity for ex-students to find out about their β€˜old’ school and to learn of the achievements and activities of many of your fellow students [younger and older] and also to see just how much the staff and buildings have changed.

You may also wish to offer guidance and advice in order to help our students make increasingly challenging decisions regarding future career choices.

If you wish to join the Alumni Association / share your successes with us, pleaseΒ 

If you have any queries regarding our alumni association, please do not hesitate to contact either:

Mrs J Johnson (Β 


Mr Carl Daly (



Your personal details will be placed on the Alumni database and will not be shared with any other individual or organisation without your permission.


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