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Tomorrow's Teachers

We are thrilled to be launching the Tomorrow's Teachers Programme within our sixth form this week - a programme to inspire and engage potential or aspiring teachers within our school. It is an opportunity for those students who are interested in teaching to develop a clear sense of what the job involves, what it looks like as a career, and the different things teachers do as part of their working lives.

Over the next 12 weeks, the course will offer the teachers of tomorrow a taster of life working in school. It will help them to better understand what teaching entails and what skills they will develop if they choose to pursue teaching as a career path. In short, it offers our students a chance to take their first steps on the journey from student to teacher.

We currently have 8 students from Years 12 and 13 enrolled onto the programme and 13 members of teaching staff involved in the delivery of the programme which includes:

Part 1: Building Enthusiasm

Session 1: What’s it like to take charge of your own classroom?

Session 2: What makes a great teacher?

Part 2: Becoming a Teacher

Session 3: What do teachers do all day?

Session 4: What are the main differences between primary and secondary school teaching?

Part 3: Working with Learners

Session 5: How do teachers make learning happen?

Session 6: What can teachers do to influence their learners?

Part 4: Teaching a Lesson

Session 7: What’s in a lesson?

Session 8: How do you plan a great lesson?

Part 5: Creativity in the Classroom

Session 9: How can you make a lesson memorable?

Session 10: Are there different ways to teach?

Part 6: Next Steps

Session 11: What are the routes into teaching?

Session 12: How can you grow your teaching CV?

We wish our first cohort the very best of luck with their additional studies and look forward to updating you on their progress in due course.

Jackie Johnson































Our first Pre-Apprenticeship Programme cohort commenced their studies today and we welcomed students who previously studied at Barnwell and Nobel Schools. The day began with a team-building activity and was followed by the creation of a professional CV.

If you are interested in joining this programme, it's not too late - please contact Jackie Johnson, / 01438 222500 for further details or to arrange a visit.



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