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Why Barnwell?

Barnwell School is the perfect choice for our two daughters. We couldn’t wish for a more inclusive, pro-active environment for our children to flourish. Barnwell is unique with its warm and welcoming feel.

When our youngest daughter said that she wanted to go to Barnwell, I asked her what she liked about it. Her response was that Barnwell was the only school that was interested in her and was the only school that didn’t just talk about themselves. This meant a lot to her. The teachers continually push their students to reach their full potential and student learning is never capped. Barnwell treats every student with the upmost of respect and everyone’s voice deserves to be heard.

We have been amazed at how inclusive Barnwell is and how student ability is recognised, irrespective of academic ability. The staff have a deep care for their student’s well being and continually push them to step out of their comfort zone in a safe environment. The pastoral care is phenomenal and their doors are always open to listen when someone needs to talk. The two way relationship between school and home is fully encouraged and staff are incredibly responsive to any queries or concerns that parents have.

The devotion of the staff doesn’t stop when school finishes because there is always an extra curricular activity to coach and the students gain a lot of pleasure from representing their school in various sporting, drama, musical or dance events. The college points system is a wonderful tool to help to drive outstanding behaviour and students are full of pride when they are invited to attend a rewards trip that acknowledges their hard work.

We are very proud of Barnwell and the incredible staff that have chosen to help make our daughters the wonderful young ladies that they are today. Many people are put off of Barnwell because it doesn’t have a new building, but don’t judge a book by its cover.

Barnwell has something money cannot buy; a team that are passionate about your child’s education and social welfare. We wouldn’t want our daughters to be taught anywhere else.

Mrs J Bunting

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