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Educator Led Development Programme

Barnwell School is a lead school for the ELDP (Educator Led Development Programme), supporting staff leadership in schools. Through this development work, we support teachers and other educational practitioners to plan and lead projects designed to develop the quality and effectiveness of teaching and learning across the school. The ELDP programme supports teacher leadership through:

In the context of Barnwell, the ELDP sessions are led by members of senior leadership team, who are accredited members of the HertsCam Tutor Team. This is an example of the ‘in-house’ training that Barnwell School offers all staff who wish to develop their practise further and change the lives of children through their development work.

Successful participation in the ELDP leads to the award of the Certificate in Teacher Leadership. If you have any questions regarding the Barnwell ELDP programme, then please contact Cary Francis, Assistant Headteacher, Teaching, Learning & Assessment.

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