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Secondary Transition

Dear Parent/Carer

We are very excited to welcome you and your child to Barnwell School.

Transition from primary school is a very exciting but also nervous time in a young life. At Barnwell we endeavour to make the transition as smooth as possible, by providing plenty of bespoke opportunities for Year 6 students to integrate into our community.

From the moment you accept us as the school of choice for your child, we work closely with the primary schools to get to know them as an individual and provide the appropriate level of support in place to help them settle quickly. If information is needed about free school meals, click here.

This transition process does not stop in the September of Year 7 however. We continue to work with all of our students until they become confident and independent citizens.


Mr M Roberts

Head of School

Barnwell Summer School

Summer School

Year 7 Information Booklet

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Y7 Info Booklet Cover

Barnwell School Primary to Secondary Transition - 2021
Year 6 Student (and Parent) Input

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Transition Key Events - Timeline


Transition 1.2

Transition 2.2.2 

Introduction from Mr Reavell

Middle Campus Walking Tour

Middle Campus Aerial Tour

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Key Staff:

Mr A. Reavell - Senior Leader responsible for Transition between KS2 and KS3

Mrs E. Brown – Head of Ennis College 

Mrs L. Cowling – Head of Redgrave College

Mrs S. Jones - Head of Hoy College

Mr M Patching – Assistant Headteacher - Personal Development

Middle School Map
Example of a timetable for a Year 7 student
Year 7 Information Booklet 2021
Transition Letter 1 - March 2021
Transition Letter 2 - April 2021
Student Details Form Year 7 2021
Summer Show 2019 - Chicago
Jay Peak 2019
Sorrento 2019