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Able Gifted and Talented

We are passionate about providing challenging activities and leadership opportunities in curriculum areas and as extracurricular activities. Students have opportunities to participate in national and regional competitions. We work in close collaboration with the Universities to raise awareness and aspirations for future higher education. A flavour of some activates that students have participated in:

We work closely with feeder Primary Schools in nurturing G and T students by running additional after school classes focused on Mathematics, English and Science.

Gifted and Talented students are identified based on prior achievement at KS2. Additionally each department is also selects students as subject stars. Progress checks throughout the year are also used to identify students for participation in activities/events.

All teachers are aware of G and T students as they are identified on registers through SIMS and are also a focus group on our progress tracking system SISRA. Teachers plan for stretch and challenge in their lesson planning and track progress regularly throughout the year. If students are underachieving interventions are put in place.

Summer Show 2019 - Chicago
Jay Peak 2019
Sorrento 2019