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Primary School Engagement

Barnwell School is held in high regard across Stevenage Primary Schools for our engagement and transition work. 

Every year, we plan numerous exciting events and activities to allow us to engage with the students in years four, five and six at our local primary schools. Some of these activities will see us going out to visit the primary schools; some will see students coming into Barnwell to experience ‘Barnwell Life’ first hand.


This highly successfully activity is run during the summer term. This event sees us visiting primary schools with our Battle Arena and challenging the students to do battle against each other using radio controlled cars and their ‘own-made’ robot bodies. We then hold the Grand Finale during our Community Day in the summer term where the winning students from each school can compete against students from other primary schools to see who can be crowned ‘CarBot Champion’.


The Barnwell Christmas Show – this is an open invitation to our local year five and six students to come and watch the matinee performance of our Year 7 Christmas Panto.


The amazing event run by our Year 9 students, sees over 600 local year five and six students to experiencing a host of scientific and technological activities and challenges. This is always a very popular and enjoyable event.


Each year we invite the year five and six students from our local primary schools to come and join us for our annual Fun Run event and our Community Day at the end of the summer term.


We have a number of specific projects running with individual schools including DJ Club, 6th form reading mentors, and Design Technology sessions. We are currently looking at what else we can get organised and what other opportunities we can offer throughout the year, more to follow, watch this space…

If you want to know more about what is going on between Barnwell and our feeder primary schools, please get in touch.

Andy Reavell - Head of Enrichment and Engagement.

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