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COVID Update

As we step into summer, we are encouraging our community to be kind and stay healthy by following simple steps to live life safely with COVID-19, stop the spread and protect others. For up-to-date information go to

Should I send my child to school if they have symptoms?

The symptoms of COVID-19, flu and other respiratory illnesses are all very similar, and so
(without a test) it is not possible to tell which of these you are suffering from, based on
symptoms alone. Therefore, students with mild symptoms such as a runny nose, sore
throat, or slight cough, who are otherwise well, should continue to attend school.

However, the one symptom which remains the highest predictor of a possible Covid-19
infection is a high temperature. Therefore, young people who are unwell and have a high
temperature (38 degrees or above) should stay at home and avoid contact with other
people, where they can. They can come back to school and resume normal activities
when they no longer have a high temperature and they are well enough to attend.

What about if they have tested positive for COVID-19?

It is no longer recommended that young people are tested for COVID-19 unless
directed to by a health professional. If a young person does have a positive COVID-19
test result they should stay at home and avoid contact with other people for 3
days after the day they took the test. After 3 days, if they feel well and no longer have a
high temperature, the risk of passing the infection on to others is much lower and so they
should return to school.

Young people who usually go to school and who live with someone who has a positive
COVID-19 test result should continue to attend school as normal.

COVID-19 vaccinations

Vaccination continues to offer the best protection for ourselves and others around us from becoming seriously ill from COVID-19. There are lots of walk-in options available locally for first, second doses and boosters, you can find your nearest vaccination centre and also book an appointment at:

The national booking system for healthy 5- to -11 year olds to receive their COVID-19 vaccination will open from 2 April. Parents and carers can book appointments at larger vaccination centres and in some community pharmacies. Appointments will also be available at some GP run sites, if so they will contact you directly and you can book through your practice.

Vaccinations are already available for clinically vulnerable 5- to 11-year-olds, and children in this age group who live with someone who has a weakened immune system. Until now vaccinations for this β€˜at risk’ group of children have been available through GPs and special schools, but parents and carers will also be able to book through these through the national booking service from 2 April.

For more information on vaccinations for this age group visit:



Students that are self-isolating will be expected to complete work from the remote learning activities on the school website, if they are well enough. Teachers will monitor work that is completed at home.

You can find our School Contingency Plan and Remote Learning DocumentΒ here.


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