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Science Challenge

Science Summer Challenge

Welcome to science at Barnwell school, we are looking forward to meeting you in September. We know you have all studied different things in science at your current schools and we don't expect you to do anything over the summer to prepare. We just want to let you know about this Wakelet.Β 

Science at Home

Click the image forΒ fun Science activities you can try at home if you would like to. If you do complete any of these activities we would love to know about it, so please email Ms Redmond at with any photos, videos or science reports. Please ask permission from the adults at home before you attempt any science activities. Take care, happy experimenting and we will see you in September!

Alternatively, try our Science summer challenge taks outlined below. We are asking that you show your new teacher something that excites you about science.

To do this we would love it if you could choose something that fascinates or excites you and to create a labelled diagram or 3d model of it, that shows your science knowledge and explains why you think that specific thing is amazing.

If you wanted to theme it to one of our year seven units, then we will be learning about:
Particles and states of matter, Cells, Forces, Atoms, elements and compounds.
Structure and function of body systems (tissues, organs, organ systems, etc.), Light, Sound, Chemical reactions, Acids and Alkalis, Reproduction, habitats and ecosystems and finally Space.

Good examples of previous models made by our students include detailed models of Cells, beautiful solar system models, and many others.

We look forward to seeing your creativity and meeting you in September.

All the best, from the Science Team.

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