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Upper School Year groups


Head of Year: Mrs Lewis   

This is a vital year for students as we are now commencing GCSEs, the results of which will set you up for your journey into further education and chosen career paths. 

High attendance and a positive work ethic during this year are the essential ingredients needed to ensure progress towards and beyond the individual target grades set for each student. 

The different nature of qualifications studied in year 10 means that you have to start the year with a first class work ethic. This is because you will be studying units/topics of work that will be completed and submitted to the examination board before the end of the year. 

Any lessons missed will impact on the progress made and it is vital that any missed learning is caught up on at home to ensure there are no gaps in students learning.  Much of the work in year 10 is vital in year 11 and will have a huge impact on the overall result achieved at the end of the KS4 courses in the summer of 2018.

You are expected to take on the challenge of your own learning and need to balance your work/life demands effectively. 

Mrs Lewis will be on hand to offer support and guidance to all of you, and your form tutors are available to you on a daily basis should you have any worries. Make sure you use this support as soon as you feel you are struggling; that is what we are here for; you are not alone. 


Head of Year: Mr K Neocleous

Students have made a great start to their year 11 at Barnwell School.

All GCSE and BTEC courses are going well, and students are progressing throughout all subjects.

The vast majority of you display a very positive and mature attitude to your learning and this was reflected in the most recent progress checks, where lots of students are showing improvement and progress towards their target grades.

The mock exams have been completed and we are now in the process of preparing the students for their public exams in the summer. The students have all been working on their post 16 choices and applications for the sixth form are now due in.

The prom committee will soon be working hard on finalising ideas for the prom which is at the end of the summer term. We look forward to seeing as many of the year 11 students there as possible.

The criteria that you need to achieve to get an invitation to the prom are:

At least 95% attendance

No more than 15 late points over the year

No more than 30 behaviour points over the year






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