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Curriculum Map 



Y12 Content 

Y12 Key Assessment 

Y13 Content 

Y13 Key Assessment 

Autumn 1 

Core Studies and Experiments 

Formative Task: 

Completion of own experimental investigation  


Summative Unit Test on experimental techniques and Social Approach  

Mental Health and Approaches 

Formative Task: Assessed Essay on Medical Model 


Summative Unit Assessment on Mental Health 

Autumn 2 

Core studies and descriptive statistics 

Formative Task: 

Descriptive statistics analysis task 


Summative Unit  

Test on descriptive statistics and the cognitive approach 

Criminal Psychology 

Formative Task: 

Assessed essay on criminal psychology 


Summative Unit Mock exam 1 – Research Methods 

Spring 1 

Core studies and Observations 

Formative Task: 

Conduct own observational investigation 


Summative Unit Test on observational techniques and Mock exam 1   

Criminal Psychology/ Child Psychology 

Formative Task: 

Assessed essay on child psychology 


Summative Unit Criminal Psychology end of unit assessment  

Spring 2 

Core studies and Self reports 

Formative Task: Conduct own self report investigation 


Summative Unit Test on self report techniques and developmental studies   

Child Psychology 

Formative Task: 

Assessed essay on attachments 


Summative Unit  

Mock exam 2 – Psychological Themes 

Summer 1 

Core studies and Correlations 

Formative Task: conduct own correlational investigation 


Summative Unit Test on  individual differences approach and correlational techniques  


Methodological issues  

Formative Task: PALS tasks 


Summative Unit Mock exam 3 – Applied Psychology 

Summer 2 

Inferential Statistics and Approaches 

Formative Task: Inferential Statistics task 


Summative Unit  Mock exam 2  







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