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Head Students


The Head Student Team at Barnwell School play a vital role in the life of the school. They represent the students of the school to teachers, parents, governors and members of our community. They are required to speak to large and small groups of parents, students and teachers and to chair a range of meetings. They coordinate the Sixth Form Committee and the various sub-committees and need to bring all the information together to continually improve the life of sixth formers and the school community as a whole.


 All Sixth Form Committee members are expected to set a good example of work ethic, behaviour, represent the student body at events and speak in assemblies but they also have specific job roles which are described below. Most committee heads will set up and run their own committee to assist them.


Head Students Chair and assist Sixth Form Committee: Liaise with the Headteacher and Head of Sixth.
Treasurer: Hold the Sixth Form accounts and ensure their accuracy: Pay for goods and services required by Sixth Form Ball and Events Committees: Collect and deposit money raised by events. Liaise with Finance Office.
Head of Sport and Deputy Head of Sport: Promote the participation of Sport in the Sixth Form: Organise events and liaise with staff.
Head of Charity and Deputy Head of Charity Decide on which charity the Sixth Form is to support: Organise events and liaise with staff.
Head of Events and Deputy Head of Events: Help to organise Induction week, arrange events e.g. Christmas Party, Quiz nights, debates, fund raising events etc.
Head of Media: Produce posters, tickets and other promotional material to publicise events. Publish Sixth Form newsletter, improve website and make promotional films: investigate school radio: secretarial duties for the Sixth Form Committee including agenda and minutes. Liaise with Head of Sixth Form and staff. Write, compile and edit the Sixth Form Newsletter. Secretarial duties for the Sixth Form Governing Body including agendas and minutes as required.
Head of Environment: Design and develop a programme to improve our environment
Head of Ball Committee and Deputy Head of Ball Committee: Organise the Sixth Form Summer Ball.
Head of Teaching and Learning and Deputy Head of Teaching and Learning: Liaise with students, Head of Sixth Form and staff on all aspects of teaching and learning.
Student Governor: To represent the student body at Governors meetings.
Student Voice To represent the student body. To liaise with Head of Sixth, Headteacher and staff.
Head of Expressive Arts To represent the Expressive Arts faculty as an ambassador; promoting its work and supporting younger students.













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