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Digital Dance Festival

July 2021

As part of our online provision, the Year 9 Dance students created a dance film around the Middle Campus.

The final cut was selected to be in an online art gallery as part of Hertfordshire School’s Digital Dance Festival 2021, in conjunction with the County Dance Association and BEEE Creative.

It has been set up like an art gallery allowing you to ‘walk’ around the space and ‘watch’ the dance films from all the schools that have been successful – Barnwell is in the ‘main room’ on the right hand side.

It is easier to navigate the gallery on a larger screen such as a computer or tablet however, it does still work on a mobile phone.

Below is the link that will give you access to the online festival as well as instructions for navigating the gallery.

On a computer?
You can use the up key on your keyboard to step forward, and click and drag with your mouse to change your view.

On a phone?
You can move your phone around to change your view, and press on the screen to step forward
You can use the arrow buttons at the bottom of the screen to jump between rooms in the gallery.

When you look around the gallery you'll see a Read More button at the bottom of the screen and you'll discover more about the Artwork you are looking at.

Below is some feedback we have received from the director of BEEE Creative.
“Thank you so much for taking part in the Hertfordshire Schools’ Digital Dance Festival. It certainly wasn’t the easiest of years to embark on a new project but we are incredibly proud of all the work that has been submitted and hope you, your pupils and school community enjoy visiting the Festival exhibition. I really enjoyed the composition of your film and the use of locations - it created really strong imagery and the dancers worked incredibly well in their new settings, the choreography complementing the locations brilliantly. I hope you the project has given your pupils new ideas for approaching creative work in the future. Thank you again for your involvement in the project.”


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