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Attendance and Punctuality

Attendance Matters

At Barnwell School, we are very aware about the link between excellent attendance and strong progress. Research has shown that the lower the attendance of a learner, the lower the GCSE grade at the end of Year 11. Less than 95% attendance every year in school could equal a 1 grade difference across ALL GCSE grades. As a result, we have set our school target for attendance at 95% and expect all learners to achieve this. Additionally, this is useful preparation for the workplace, where an absence rate of 5% or above would be considered a cause for concern. 

If a learner does not attend school or is not taking part in an approved educational activity, they are classed as ABSENT from school. This means that if your child is off school for any reason, even if they are ill or have medical permission to be off school, they are classed as ABSENT. 

100% Attendance = 190 days at school 

8 days absence is 96% 

12 days absence is 94% 

19 days absence is 90% 

29 days absence is 85% 

38 days absence is 80% 

47 days absence is 75% 


As you would expect, we have very high standards and are committed to all our learners making maximum progress. We are happy to offer advice and support to learners, parents/carers and families on effective strategies for maximising attendance. If you would like more details, please do not hesitate to contact the school.

If you or a member of your family are struggling with your wellbeing or mental health, we are also providing support for our families currently. Please do contact us and we can help you to access the support you need.












































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